Georgia Ranks Among One of the Riskiest States for Children’s Health and Safety

MARIETTA, Georgia. According to QZ, Georgia was recently ranked among one of the top riskiest states for children’s health and safety. Why? According to the report, food insecurity, child homicide and suicide rates, and infant mortality rates all played a role in Georgia’s low ranking compared to other states. Some experts believe that the disparity between children’s quality of life in the top-ranked states and lowest ranked states may have more to do with whether a state is largely urban or rural. Rural areas are linked to high rates of child poverty.

Childhood personal injury and accident is another factor that can impact children’s safety. According to Safe Kids Georgia, preventable injuries are the leading killer of kids in the state. Many injuries can be prevented. How? Car accidents, drowning, and falls kill kids more than any other cause. So, what can parents do to keep their kids safe in Georgia?

  • Use the right child safety seat. Many parents may not realize that they aren’t using the proper child safety seat for their child’s age. Even parents who do use the right seat may not always be aware of how to properly install their child’s safety seat. Double check that your child is riding in the right seat and double check that the seat has been properly installed.
  • Take your child in for a swimming lesson. Drowning is a major cause of accidental deaths among children. As summer approaches, more children will head to pools, lakes, rivers, and beaches. While these places are great opportunities for recreation, exercise, and a chance to cool off, they also pose drowning risks for children who do not know how to swim. Before summer starts, take your kids in for a swimming lesson. Your child should know how to tread water. Finally, if you plan to go boating, make sure you have properly-fitting life vests for your child. He or she may have grown over the summer.
  • Prevent falls. Check railings around your house, make sure that play equipment in your yard has proper safe fall surfaces, and make sure younger children have proper supervision to avoid needless falls.

Child safety is important. Many accidents are easily preventable. However, if your child has been injured in an accident due to the neglect or negligence of another person or party in Marietta, Georgia, the personal injury lawyers at Amanda Hall Injury Law may be able to help. Our firm can help you seek justice if another driver’s actions resulted in your child’s injuries. Childcare and daycare centers are required to take measures to prevent children’s falls. If your child was hurt while you placed him or her in the care of a childcare center, you may have rights under the law. Visit our firm to learn more about your options and rights. You may be entitled to seek damages to cover your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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