5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

If someone robbed your home of its valuables or stole your identity and then your savings, you would not try to catch the perpetrator alone. When your family’s financial security is at stake, it’s worth turning to the professionals. Detectives and law enforcement personnel have the knowledge and resources to gather all kinds of evidence, which they can trace to the criminal.

Of course, theft is not the only scenario in which it is wise to call on professionals to protect your family. Anything that threatens your health, wealth, or ability to thrive calls for expert guidance. When it comes to catastrophic collisions, that means turning to a personal injury attorney.

If this is your first time filing an accident claim, though, you may not necessarily know what to look for in a car accident lawyer. Regardless of whether you prefer a warm attorney who inquires about your wellbeing or a more detached lawyer who only calls to discuss upcoming proceedings, there are certain qualities everyone should look for when seeking legal counsel. Fortunately, you will find all of them in the attorneys at Amanda Halle Injury Law.

We will work closely with your medical care providers and insurance company to ensure you’re being treated properly while your case receives the attention it deserves. Visit our website at Amanda Hall Injury Law to learn more, or call 678-445-7423 to schedule a free case evaluation with a personal injury attorney in Marietta.

Read on to learn five qualities you should look for when hiring an accident lawyer:

  1. Trial Experience

According to the American Bar Association, only a small percentage of personal injury claims actually make it to court. Since there is still a chance your case could end up going to trial, it is essential to find a lawyer who has the skills, experience, and resources to represent you every step of the way.

  1. Accessibility

When an issue arises, you should be able to reach your lawyer within a reasonable timeframe. You can assess a firm’s accessibility from the very first meeting. For example, were they willing to work around your schedule, and did the attorney give you a direct means of contact for future inquiries?

  1. A Successful Track Record

What kinds of cases does the firm usually take on, and how do they resolve them? Do they have a history of securing sizable settlements for accident victims? What do past clients have to say about the representation they provide?

  1. Tenacity

How far is the firm willing to go for their clients? Do they have the resources to overcome hurdles that might otherwise delay or jeopardize the case? Look for a legal team that is willing to fight tirelessly on behalf of their clients.

  1. Compassion

Experienced personal injury lawyers know accident victims are in a fairly vulnerable state, and the best ones will take a compassionate approach to their clients while remaining aggressive with the opposing party. Consider personality when meeting potential attorneys, and prioritize those who put you at ease from the start since you will be working closely with them in the weeks to come.

If you are looking for a car accident lawyer in Marietta who meets all of the above criteria, contact Amanda Hall Injury Law today. Our office is available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

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