The Automobile & the Pedestrian

July 21, 2022/by damg

Truck Accident Injury Compensation in Georgia: What You Should Know

March 29, 2022/by damg

How Does Georgia’s Helmet Law Affect My Injury Case?

February 3, 2022/by damg

Georgia Statute of Limitations

January 24, 2022/by damg

What Is Probable Cause When It Comes To DUI Stops?

December 30, 2021/by damg

What To Do & Not To Do At A Georgia DUI Stop

December 7, 2021/by damg

How To Prevent Georgia DUI License Suspensions

October 19, 2021/by damg

Ride Share Apps: Reducing DUI Accidents?

September 29, 2021/by damg

Back to School Time: Driving Safety Tips

August 30, 2021/by damg

What To Do If A Minor Injures You In An Accident

August 2, 2021/by damg

Why Are Women More Likely To Be Severely Injured in Accidents?

June 23, 2021/by damg

Long Term Effects of Brain Injury

May 19, 2021/by damg

What is Premises Liability in Georgia?

April 13, 2021/by damg

What is Georgia’s Wrongful Death Statute?

March 18, 2021/by damg

Seat Belts for All Will Help Decrease Traffic Accident Deaths

February 10, 2021/by damg

Georgia’s “At Fault” Law Explained

January 18, 2021/by damg

Fewer Cars on the Road Means an Increase in High Speed Accidents

December 8, 2020/by damg

Can Car Alcohol Detection Systems Reduce Drunk Driving Accidents?

November 5, 2020/by damg

A Parent’s Liability on Accidents Caused by Their Children

October 16, 2020/by damg

The Family Purpose Doctrine and How it Affects your Car Accident Lawsuit in Georgia

October 12, 2020/by damg

What Are Your Legal Options after a Workplace Accident?

September 8, 2020/by damg

What Is Personal Injury Law?

August 19, 2020/by damg

The Summer Months Mean an Increase in Workplace Injuries and Illness

June 26, 2020/by damg

Coronavirus and Personal Injury Cases

May 29, 2020/by damg

Can I Sue For Contracting COVID-19?

April 24, 2020/by damg

When Is An Injury Catastrophic?

March 27, 2020/by damg

A Correlation Between Ridesharing Services and Accidents

February 14, 2020/by damg

“Personal Injury” Is A Legal Term; How To Understand It

January 22, 2020/by damg

Misconceptions Regarding Marietta Car Accident Claims Process

December 30, 2019/by damg

Motorcycle Accidents in Georgia Account for 12% of Vehicle Crash Deaths

December 2, 2019/by damg


June 20, 2019/by damg

What to Do If You Can’t Pay Your Medical Bills Following a Car Accident

January 31, 2019/by damg

Will the Government Shutdown Increase Your Personal Injury Risk?

January 22, 2019/by damg

Don’t Let Unexpected Medical Bills Ruin You Financially

January 16, 2019/by damg

My Car Has Been Totaled. What to Do Next

January 7, 2019/by damg

When it Comes to Motorcycle Safety, A Healthy Level of Fear Might Prevent Accidents

December 28, 2018/by damg

How to Spot a Drunk Driver this Holiday Season

December 17, 2018/by damg

How Technology Impacts Your Driving and Crash Safety

December 6, 2018/by damg

Family Sues City for DUI Injuries

November 15, 2018/by damg

When Your Co-Worker’s Lack of Sleep Leads to Workplace Injuries

November 5, 2018/by damg
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