Back to School Time: Driving Safety Tips

As schools recently started opening their doors to kids this year in Georgia,  it is critically important for drivers to remember these important safe driving tips to avoid an accident and keep the school kids safe.

Know where the school zones are along the route you use to commute.

It is critically important to understand exactly where the school zones are located in your area as a driver. With children walking and biking to school, it is much more likely that an accident can happen within the school zone. Therefore, when you approach the school zone, it is important to slow down and make sure you are paying attention to kids who may cross the street without looking.

It is also critically important to limit your distractions while driving through a school zone. For example, avoid talking on your phone while driving. In addition, it is imperative not to text and drive at any time, but especially when going through the school zone.

Most areas have increased fines if you violate laws within the school zone, so slow down, and you will not only protect the kids but will reduce the likelihood of having to pay a hefty fine.

Listen to the crossing guards.

Crossing guards help the kids cross the street, and drivers need to listen to the crossing guards’ directions. If you see a crossing guard enter the street, be prepared to stop even before putting up the stop sign. It would be best if you waited until they give you the all-clear to drive on as they may see kids coming that you cannot see from your perspective.

Do not pass a stopped school bus.

While it may or may not be illegal in your area to pass a school bus, it is best to do so anyway. For example, if you are behind a bus or driving towards a stopped bus on the other side of the road, you need to stop and wait until all the kids have disembarked and have safely crossed the road.

Do not pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians.

It is important to remember that you do not have the same perspective as the driver in front of you when you are behind a car. The car may be stopped for no reason, but there is an excellent chance they can see something you do not. Therefore, be patient and do not go around them as there could be a child crossing.

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