Georgia Workers Face Challenges Getting Medical Care

MARIETTA, Georgia. According to Channel 2 Action News, some victims of on the job injuries are facing challenges in getting the worker’s compensation and care that they may deserve. According to the report, Georgia workers who are seriously injured on the job may face the greatest challenges. While workers with minor and less costly injuries may receive the compensation they deserve, workers with more serious injuries might be facing greater challenges from insurers and employers.

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At first, employers and workplaces may be quick to cover emergency medical treatment and care. It is when patients require life-long care, suffer life-altering disability, or require long-term rehabilitation that patients may face challenges. Accessing long term care be difficult. Patients may face denials and other challenges when it comes to receiving benefits and getting bills paid. Some patients face so many challenges that they may accept settlements that are far lower than they may deserve. Doctors may recommend certain medical procedures, but a worker’s compensation insurance may deny the procedure or claim.

So, what should you do if you’ve been seriously injured in a workplace injury? First of all, it is important to report your injury to your employer and properly file a claim. If you find yourself having difficulties receiving a settlement or feel that you are not receiving the settlement you may deserve, you may want to speak to a qualified worker’s compensation lawyer in Marietta, Georgia, like Amanda Hall Injury Law. Our firm can review your claim, help you understand your next steps, and fight for justice. Before accepting a settlement from worker’s compensation insurance, consider speaking to a qualified worker’s compensation lawyer first.

As many as 18 percent of workers may experience problems getting the care their primary doctor suggests they receive. If this describes your situation, you may have rights when it comes to appealing your claim. Sometimes insurance providers may use delays as a tactic to wear down victims and their families. Insurers might say, if you settle, we can pay you right now, but if you don’t settle you have to wait. However, this could be considered a bad faith tactic, which could result in your insurer or employer facing heavy penalties. Insurance bad faith, according to Investopedia, occurs when an insurance company refuses to pay a legitimate claim or delays a claim.

Fortunately, new laws and judges will be put in place next year to help consumers who believe they are facing unreasonable delays for their worker’s compensation claim. Until greater oversight is put in place, workers may be on their own or need to seek their own legal advice when facing delays or denials in their worker’s compensation claims.

If your workplace injury claim has been denied, document everything, keep medical records, and follow your doctor’s advice. Finally, consider reaching out to a worker’s compensation attorney in Marietta, Georgia. Visit our firm at to learn more about your options and rights.

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