New Motorcycle Riders at Greatest Risk for Accidents

ACWORTH, Georgia. It’s a well-documented fact that novices are often at the greatest risk when it comes to trying new things—whether it’s riding a bike, driving, or riding a motorcycle. According to the Insurance Journal, the most dangerous period for motorcyclists is their first year of riding. The greatest number of accidents occur during a rider’s first month on the road. So, if you’re just starting to ride your motorcycle, or if you’re thinking about getting a motorcycle, take time to consider how you’ll spend that first month riding.

It’s often best to get proper training before you hit the road. But even with proper training, new riders are wise to stick to familiar roads and to days when the weather is good. As nice as it might sound to ride your motorcycle under the changing fall foliage, this might not be the best time to be testing out your new abilities, especially while you are still on a learning curve. Fall roads are more likely to have hazards like early morning frost, moisture, or leaves, which can interfere with road safety.

Why should riders choose the best conditions for their first month on the road? According to Insurance Journal, a rider’s first 30 days behind the wheel are more dangerous than their entire second year on the road.

The type of motorcycles used also played a role in safety. Super sport bikes were more likely to see accidents in the first 30 days. Why? These bikes are more often chosen by younger riders.

Younger motorcycle riders and drivers are at greater risk overall of car and motorcycle accidents. According to the Sultan Qaboos University Medical School Journal, young drivers may not have the same experience levels that older drivers have. While these factors play a role in accidents, risk-taking behavior is another major factor that contributes to motorcycle accidents. Teenage drivers may be at greatest risk, because their brains are still developing and they are still learning how to assess risk.

So, what can you do, at any age to stay safe? Consider taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s basic course. The course teaches basic braking, turning, and motorcycle safety techniques. Only 45 percent of riders have taken the course. When riding during your first month, be aware that you are still on a learning curve, and choose roads with which you are familiar and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Your first month might not be the time to take a cross-country motorcycle ride. Finally, wear your helmet and other safety clothing when riding.

Riding a motorcycle can be incredibly rewarding. Unfortunately, many of the accidents that occur, happen due to the mistakes of other drivers on the road. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident in Acworth, Georgia, consider reaching out to Amanda Hall Injury Law, a personal injury lawyer near you. Our firm can help you and your family seek damages for your losses and seek justice if another person’s actions behind the wheel resulted in your injury. 

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