What to Do If You Can’t Pay Your Medical Bills Following a Car Accident

ACWORTH, Georgia. If you can’t pay your medical bills following a car accident in Acworth, Georgia, you may have several options under the law. For example, you may be entitled to seek damages for your losses from negligent parties that could cover unexpected medical bills. According to USA Today, the average American has less than $4,000 in savings, and 57% of adults have less than $1000 in the bank. According to HealthCare.gov, the out of pocket deductible for a single person insured in a Marketplace plan is $7,900. For a family, the out of pocket deductible is $15,800. Most Americans don’t have this amount of money saved. This means that any unexpected visit to the emergency room can leave most families and individuals in dire straits. If you find yourself unable to pay your medical bills after a car accident, what steps can you take to protect yourself?

First, if you are not insured, it might be wise to check to see if you are covered by Medicare or CHIP. If you are over 65, or if you have children and don’t have health insurance coverage from your job, you may be able to receive assistance for medical costs through these programs, according to USA.gov.

Whether or not you are insured, there are some steps you should take to protect yourself when you receive your emergency room bills after a car accident. You should always follow up with your health insurance to receive an explanation about any unpaid health insurance bills. If you are on the hook for some portion of the bill, take the time to read over the bill. According to U.S. News & World Report, there were errors in 99 percent of all medical bills. Some of these errors include wrong codes being used, double billing, and other issues. If you are having trouble reading or understanding medical bills and find that you are being asked to pay high amounts, Amanda Hall Injury Law are Acworth, Georgia personal injury lawyers who may be able to read over your bills, determine if there are errors, and negotiate with billing departments, insurers, and negligent parties to help you get these bills paid. Many not for profit hospitals are required to forgive some bills, especially from patients who are low income. Speaking to the billing department about your situation could help alleviate some of the pressure. Furthermore, if you were not insured or if your insurance was not accepted by the hospital, you might be facing charges that are far higher than what a hospital would charge Medicare. Ask if the hospital is willing to charge you Medicare rates. The worst they can do is say “no.”

Finally, if you are facing unexpected medical bills due to a car accident, you may be entitled to seek damages for your medical costs, rehabilitation fees, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Amanda Hall Injury Law are personal injury lawyers in Acworth, Georgia who can review your medical bills, review the circumstances of your accident, and fight insurance companies and negligent parties to help you get the maximum possible compensation permitted under the law.

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