When it Comes to Motorcycle Safety, A Healthy Level of Fear Might Prevent Accidents

KENNESAW, Georgia. It is well noted that motorcycles are more dangerous than passenger vehicles. According to Ride Apart, your risk of dying while riding a motorcycle is about seven times greater than when riding in a passenger vehicle. Riders are also approximately 27 times more likely to be injured than passenger vehicle drivers.

When it comes to rider safety, knowledge and experience can go a long way to preventing injuries. Having a healthy fear of riding can make you more likely to understand the riskiest situations and take measures to mitigate them. For example, a healthy fear of riding can make it less likely that you’ll speed and more likely that you’ll wear a helmet and proper protective gear, two factors that can impact motorcycle riding risks. Understanding the risks means receiving proper training. Riders with proper training know how to handle emergency situations and how to watch out for hazards.

However, even with the best training, riders can still find themselves injured in a motorcycle accident when other drivers make mistakes and when road conditions lead to accidents. Drivers are not always looking out for motorcyclists. Distracted driving can also decrease the likelihood that you’ll be seen while riding. So, what can riders do to protect themselves? Again, a healthy level of fear can go a long way to preventing accidents. Many riders assume that drivers are not looking out for them and they don’t assume that road conditions will be ideal.

Part of the risk of riding is that, over time, riders may become acclimated to the healthy fear they may have had at the start of their riding careers. As one professor of psychology explained to the New York Times, some people, over time, are able to turn off their fears, or reduce their fear response. Motorcycle riding is an inherently dangerous activity. To be safe, riders generally want to keep a healthy level of fear every time they get behind the wheel.

Some studies have also indicated that one of the reasons why teens and younger drivers are at greater risk of accidents is their sense of invincibility.

At the end of the day, how people assess their fears ultimately defines whether they choose to ride. Every action we take in life brings with it some level of risk. For motorcycle riders, the fear of not enjoying the thrill of the open road is far greater than the fear of riding. For others, the risks are worth the joys and community that riding brings.

Most riders understand the risks they take when they ride, and they take steps to prevent accidents and injuries. However, many motorcycle accidents occur due to another driver’s negligence or neglect or due to road hazards. If this led to you or a loved one’s motorcycle accident, consider speaking to Amanda Hall Injury Law, motorcycle accident lawyers in Kennesaw, Georgia. Our attorneys may be able to help you seek damages for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. 

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