Will the Government Shutdown Increase Your Personal Injury Risk?

KENNESAW, Georgia. The government shutdown continues, with many federal workers out of work, and others being called back to work without pay. While the government will continue to keep essential services in operation, some of these services aren’t running at capacity. Some critics of the shutdown have expressed concerns that it can impact the public’s personal safety and might make the risk of injuries higher in the long-term.

One of the agencies that has shut its doors during the government shutdown is the part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that is responsible for inspecting vehicle defects. This means that the agency cannot call new recalls, investigations will be put on hold, and consumer complaints won’t be reviewed. Car manufacturers still have a responsibility to alert consumers about any issues they are aware of, but many car manufacturers often wait until the NHTSA completes its investigations to complete a recall. According to the Detroit Free Press, these investigations can sometimes take years.

Is your car subject to an investigation? Are you at risk of injury? Prior investigations the NHTSA had been conducting involved situations where vehicles caught fire and where seat belts in school buses weren’t working, to name a few. Now, when you visit the NHTSA’s current investigations website, it shows no recent investigations in the last 30 days.

The news has reported on some known issues in vehicles. For example, drivers have reported on experiencing a “wobble” in the steering column of their Jeeps when the vehicles reach certain speeds. It isn’t clear whether this wobble poses a risk to consumers, though Fox News is reporting that the NHTSA had been looking into the issue. NBC News 4 also reports that Kia and Hyundai owners whose cars had already been previously recalled are catching fire randomly. Owners of the vehicles say that the cars have caught fire without an accident happening. Consumers have been pushing for a recall, but the companies were awaiting the results of an NHTSA investigation.

Another area where consumers could be put at risk is due to the suspension of food safety inspections. NBC News reports that some food safety inspectors might be called back to work without pay. In the same way that car manufacturers can report known issues, food companies can also do the same, but inspections aren’t currently taking place.

Is your safety at risk? What can you do to protect yourself? If you notice a known issue with your vehicle, you can still make a complaint to the NHTSA. Just don’t expect to have the complaint reviewed anytime soon. Consumers still have the right to seek damages from car companies and food companies if known defects result in their personal injuries or losses.

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