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The Automobile & the Pedestrian

The Automobile & the Pedestrian   I recently read a post on next-door about a teen who had been hit by a car while jogging. Apparently, the car, even after hitting him, had not stopped. The mother was trying to locate the driver who hit him. Although he had been apparently tossed onto the hood […]

Truck Accident Injury Compensation in Georgia: What You Should Know

Truck Accident Injury Compensation in Georgia: What You Should Know As destructive as a typical car accident in Georgia may prove, am accident involving a car and a commercial vehicle can create even more devastation due to the sheer size and bulk of these vehicles. If you’ve suffered a debilitating injury from such an accident, […]

How Does Georgia’s Helmet Law Affect My Injury Case?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle accidents cause roughly 5,000 fatalities per year. A majority of U.S. states have implemented helmet laws to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries occurring in these accidents. The state of Georgia implemented its mandatory helmet law in 1969. This law is Section 40-6-315 in […]

Georgia Statute of Limitations

The Statute of Limitations concerning a claim is among the most important deadlines to know when dealing with a car accident. Whether you dealt with a fender bender in Atlanta or a serious car accident in some other part of Georgia, you’ll need to make sure that you properly file a lawsuit against the offending […]

What Is Probable Cause When It Comes To DUI Stops?

A DUI is a serious court case that can have a considerable negative impact on our lives. DUI cases often hinge on the probable cause that law enforcement uses to pull individuals over. Experienced lawyers, like those at Amanda Hall Injury Law, can help you argue your case and even help get that probable cause […]

What To Do & Not To Do At A Georgia DUI Stop

Facing a confrontation with a police officer is intimidating in many circumstances, particularly if you’ve been stopped under suspicion of driving under the influence. Few people talk about what you should and shouldn’t do in this situation, making it challenging to do the right thing for your benefit. If you’re suspected of driving under the […]

How To Prevent Georgia DUI License Suspensions

Having your license suspended because of a DUI can be an incredibly difficult situation. Not only will this limit your mobility, it can also impact things like your career and your education. Georgia has recently changed its laws around DUI license suspensions. There’s a good chance that these changes can improve your chances of keeping […]

Ride Share Apps: Reducing DUI Accidents?

A new study has shown that ride share apps might actually be saving lives. In the old days, people had a “designated driver” when they went out for a night on the town. But that designated driver didn’t always stay sober — and that could lead to big problems. People also might have a drink […]

Back to School Time: Driving Safety Tips

As schools recently started opening their doors to kids this year in Georgia,  it is critically important for drivers to remember these important safe driving tips to avoid an accident and keep the school kids safe. Know where the school zones are along the route you use to commute. It is critically important to understand […]

What To Do If A Minor Injures You In An Accident

Being involved in a car accident is bad enough. But finding out the at-fault other driver is under the age of eighteen and a minor? Well, that certainly complicates the process more than just a standard auto accident claim. The good news is that you still have plenty of recourse for being fairly compensated for […]