How Technology Impacts Your Driving and Crash Safety

ACWORTH, Georgia. Safe driving requires first and foremost, your attention. According to Vox, however, technological devices like our phones, have the effect of manipulating our attention. When your phone rings and you turn away from the road to check who is calling, your phone is a distraction. Anxiety about who might be texting or calling, even if you don’t check your phone is also distracting. Read more

Family Sues City for DUI Injuries

CANTON, Georgia. According to the Seattle Times, the city of Seattle has settled a case in which a family suffered tragic losses after a drunk driver killed an older couple and left a young mother and her young infant son seriously injured. The family will receive $13 million for their losses from the city of Seattle. The case is tragic. It also highlights the fact that after a drunk driving accident, the web of liability can extend widely. Read more

When Your Co-Worker’s Lack of Sleep Leads to Workplace Injuries

MARIETTA, Georgia. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration worker’s compensation expenses cost employers an estimated $1 billion each week. These costs include medical expenses, lost wages, and work retraining costs. Many employers want to reduce the risk of workplace injury. Taking steps to prevent injury like providing safety training and safety equipment and preventing workplace falls, can reduce the risk of workplace injury. Yet, according to the National Sleep Foundation, there may be one workplace risk that employers might be overlooking: sleepiness. Read more

When a Prank Turns Deadly, who is To Blame?

ACWORTH, Georgia. Three men called 911 to report a hostage situation. The police believed them. An innocent man ended up dead, and the three pranksters were indicted on federal charges. What happened here and who is to blame? The family of the victim blame both the police who shot the victim while responding on the scene of the crime and the people who falsely reported the hostage situation. The case has garnered the attention of the media, raising issues about whether police have the training they need to de-escalate situations without shooting. Read more

Truck Accident Underride Risks

KENNESAW, Georgia. Underride truck accidents are among the most-deadly truck accidents on the road. When these kinds of accidents occur, passenger vehicles sometimes get lodged beneath the truck, resulting in death and serious injury to passengers. Underride accidents can strip off a passenger vehicle’s passenger compartment or crush the compartment when it slides under the truck. Read more

Brain Eating Amoeba and Your Personal Injury Risk

CANTON, Georgia. In Texas, a person died after encountering an amoeba in a water park that, according to Wired, kills pretty much every person who is infected. The illness is known as the brain-eating amoeba, and by its scientific name Naegleria fowleri. According to WebMD, the man died after visiting a surf water park in Texas. Read more

Ways to Tell Whether That Driver on the Road May Be Driving Drunk

MARIETTA, Georgia. To stop a driver under the suspicion of driving under the influence, police officers must first recognize the signs that a person may have been drinking. How do police recognize a driver who may be drunk? What signs are officers looking for before they decide to turn on their sirens? Can regular drivers learn to recognize these signs to protect themselves and possibly report these drivers before they hurt anyone else on the road? Read more

New Motorcycle Riders at Greatest Risk for Accidents

ACWORTH, Georgia. It’s a well-documented fact that novices are often at the greatest risk when it comes to trying new things—whether it’s riding a bike, driving, or riding a motorcycle. According to the Insurance Journal, the most dangerous period for motorcyclists is their first year of riding. The greatest number of accidents occur during a rider’s first month on the road. So, if you’re just starting to ride your motorcycle, or if you’re thinking about getting a motorcycle, take time to consider how you’ll spend that first month riding. Read more

Autumn Road Hazards for Motorcyclists

KENNESAW, Georgia. Autumn is a wonderful time to take your motorcycle out for a fall foliage ride. The leaves are changing color, the hot weather is moving out, bringing in crisper days that make riding your motorcycle a joy. Yet, with autumn’s beautiful changes come unique road hazards. What are some things to keep in mind when riding in the autumn? Read more

Electric Scooters: Wave of the Future or Road Danger?

CANTON, Georgia. The electric scooter craze is spreading across the country faster than some of the wildfires we have seen this season—and according to some safety experts, electric scooters might be just as deadly. While electric scooters remain largely relegated to west coast cities like San Francisco, electric scooter companies have moved to bring electric scooters to new cities. Could Georgia cities be next? With electric scooter companies increasing in value and with demand high, it may only be a matter of time before we see electric scooters in Georgia. Read more