What if Self Driving Cars Lead to More Accidents on City Roads?

MARIETTA, Georgia. One writer for the Atlantic claims that a driverless car future has the potential to eliminate the waste that modern day driving produces. The writer notes that in major cities, there are approximately four empty parking spaces for every household, meaning that there is quite a bit of unutilized real estate going to cars. Yet, when it comes to driverless cars, the personal vehicle could theoretically be eliminated entirely. Households could switch to lower-cost services like self-driving ride shares. Some companies are envisioning a future for cars where people can sit in mobile Starbucks stores drinking coffee, or where travelers can stay in self-driving hotel rooms, arriving at their destinations in the morning. Read more

Injury Risk in Public Buildings: Asbestos

ACWORTH, Georgia. Mother Jones recently reported on a case where asbestos was found in the Washington, D.C. Federal Election Commission building. Workers are concerned that they may have been exposed to asbestos. According to the National Cancer Institute, asbestos is classified as a known carcinogen. Asbestos has been linked to mesothelioma, a cancer of the membranes that line the lungs and abdomen. Asbestos has also been linked to lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and larynx cancer. Asbestos exposure can also lead to lung inflammation and non-cancerous conditions that can affect a person’s breathing. Read more

Government Cutting Regulations Related to the Americans with Disabilities Act

KENNESAW, Georgia. The Americans with Disabilities Act was a landmark law that prohibited the discrimination of Americans with disabilities. Under the law, passed in 1990, it is illegal to discriminate against disabled individuals in places of work, schools, transportation, and public and private establishments that are open to the general public. The law was life-changing for individuals with disabilities who had previously faced challenges getting jobs, accessing schools, and enjoying access to everyday activities and transportation. For individuals who have been recently disabled after a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, the Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees victims the right to equal treatment, and accommodations, when possible, Read more

Your Rights After a DUI Crash

MARIETTA, Georgia. The minutes and hours after a crash can be confusing enough. However, when a crash is preventable, as is the case with DUI accidents, victims and families can face unique challenges when it comes to healing and seeking a recovery. Read more

Summer Beach Hazards

ACWORTH, Georgia. Of the hazards you’ll encounter on the beach, drowning remains among one of the major dangers. Whether you’re swimming in the pool or beach, knowledge of water safety is power. When people don’t know how to swim or don’t know how to handle rip currents, they can suffer serious injuries or death. Yet, there are other hazards that the beach poses, especially in the summer when crowds flock to the shore. Read more

Mandalay Bay Sues Vegas Shooting Victims

KENNESAW, Georgia. A man used one of Mandalay Bay’s hotel rooms to perform the worst mass shooting in American history. Should the hotel be held responsible for the shooting? The victims seem to believe so, with some of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting putting the hotel on notice that they intend to pursue a lawsuit. Read more

Five Tips to Maximize Your Safety While Off-Roading

CANTON, Georgia. Off-roading can be fun, but without a paved road beneath your wheels, the risks can be higher. According to Gizmodo, when you’re riding in a 4-wheel drive vehicle, your car will send power to the tire that needs it the most, namely, the tire with the least traction. Normally, this is efficient, but when you’re off-roading, you might find yourself just spinning your wheels. So, when driving an off-road vehicle, it is important to consider obstacles and avoid mud patches that could still get you stuck. Here are five tips to keep you safe while off-roading. Read more

Exposed to Asbestos from Your Spouse’s Work Clothing? You May Be Able to Make a Claim

MARIETTA, Georgia. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, asbestos can be found in a wide range of building construction sites. Common locations where the substance can be found includes insulation, vinyl flooring, tiles, roofing shingles, in certain types of paint, around oil and coal furnaces and around some wood-burning stoves, in some heat resistant fabrics, and in automobile clutches and brakes. Construction workers, roofers, car mechanics, and workers in other industries might run a higher risk of asbestos exposure. Read more

Don’t Touch That Phone: New Texting and Driving Law Goes into Effect July 1

ACWORTH, Georgia. On July 1, a new Georgia texting and driving law will go into effect. The Hands-Free Georgia Act makes it illegal to touch your phone while driving. Yes, you read that correctly. If you touch your phone to change a song, answer a call, or pick up your phone to put it to your ear, you could face a hefty fine in Georgia, starting on July 1. What are the specifics? Read more

Long-Distance Car Pooling and Car Accident Risks

CANTON, Georgia. A new startup called BlaBlaCar is changing the way some people travel in Europe. The company matches long-distance travelers with cars, allowing them to car pool for longer distances. According to QZ, the company has grown from five million users in 2013 to 65 million people using the service across the world.  Read more