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According to the Centers for Disease Control, 317,000 crashes involved a large truck in 2012. Fatal truck accidents cost U.S. citizens an estimated $40 billion in lost work, injuries, and other damages. These accidents can be incredibly costly because they can result in serious disability, and long-term life changes, and lead to lost productivity for those who have been hurt.

Call 678-445-7423 for a FREE consultation if you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Marietta Ga. You may be entitled to receive damages for your medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages due to missed time at work, and compensation for pain and suffering. Truck accident injuries can be far more serious than typical car accident injuries because of the sheer size and weight of the vehicle involved. Because of the added risks that trucks pose to the general public, truck companies, and drivers are required to abide by stricter laws and regulations. Personal injury claims for truck accidents can be far more complicated than typical claims. Your lawyer may need to review truck driver logs, and truck shipping schedules, and identify the stakeholders involved in your crash. The trucking industry is a big business. According to Logistics Management, the trucking industry made $700 billion in 2014. Yet, for an industry that makes so much money, we still see far too many injuries every day and every year. If we saw similar injuries in the airline industry, there’d be major public backlash. However, truck drivers and companies continue to sometimes cut corners and violate laws and regulations, resulting in danger to the general public. Because of this, it is helpful to have a qualified Marietta, Georgia accident lawyer on your side. Amanda Hall Injury Law are truck accident lawyers in Marietta, Georgia who work with victims and families to help them get the recovery they may be entitled to receive under the law.

Federal and Local Truck Laws in Marietta, Georgia

Truck companies and drivers are required to abide by federal and local trucking laws. These trucking laws are in place to protect both drivers and other vehicles on the road. Some important federal trucking laws include:

  • Federal Hours of Service Laws: Truck drivers are limited in how long they can drive a shift before taking a break. Federal hours of service laws limit a driver’s shift to 11 hours. Drivers are required to keep detailed logs of their hours of service. While most drivers follow the law, some drivers may falsify their logs or work longer shifts than they are permitted in order to meet tight schedules. If this occurs, drivers can be fatigued. Amanda Hall Injury Law, are truck accident attorneys in Marietta, Georgia who can review driver’s logs and shipping schedules to determine if violation of federal hours of service laws was a factor in your accident.
  • Weight restrictions. Drivers and companies are required to abide by certain weight restrictions on trucks. When companies violate these laws, a truck’s brakes can fail. Overweighed trucks can tip over as well, endangering other road users. If you suspect that you or a loved one was injured due to an overweighed truck, Amanda Hall Injury Law may be able to help you seek damages for your personal injury claim in Marietta, Georgia.
  • Maintenance requirements. Trucks must be regularly maintained in order to operate properly. Brakes must be checked, tires must be changed, and other systems should be in optimal working order. When truck companies cut corners to save money, trucks can suffer catastrophic failures while they are on the road. For example, truck brakes can fail, leading to a runaway vehicle. If a truck’s tire blows, the driver can lose control of the vehicle. Truck equipment failure is dangerous and deadly. If you or a loved one was hurt in a truck accident due to truck equipment failure, consider reaching out to Amanda Hall Injury Law, truck accident lawyers in Marietta, Georgia.
  • Driver regulations. Truck drivers must meet minimum standards in order to operate a truck in Georgia. Drivers must pass medical tests, skills tests, and written tests. Companies that hire truck drivers also have a responsibility to properly vet drivers. Companies should have clear policies about drug and alcohol use, and clear policies about cell phone use while on the job. If a driver was distracted behind the wheel, had a history of drug or alcohol abuse, or didn’t meet minimum requirements, you and your family may be entitled to make a claim under the law.
  • Marietta Trucking Laws: Marietta, Georgia has specific trucking regulations. For example, under Marietta’s zoning ordinance, trucks and trailers cannot be parked within 50 feet of any property line. Trucks cannot be parked within 750 feet of any residentially zoned property. Trucks with waste materials must park further away. Waste material trucks must park 100 feet from any property and 1500 feet away from residential properties. If a truck is operated in an area in Marietta, Georgia where it should not have been located and this results in property damage or injuries, you and your family may be entitled to make a claim against the truck company or driver. Amanda Hall Injury Law are truck accident attorneys in Marietta, Georgia who are familiar with local laws and regulations. Our firm can help you when your accident takes place specifically in Marietta, Georgia.

Truck companies and drivers are required to abide by federal and local regulations. When a company or driver violates these laws, people can get seriously hurt. Amanda Hall Injury Law are truck accident lawyers in Marietta, Georgia who understand the specific laws and procedures truck companies and drivers must follow in the area. If you or a loved one has been hurt, protect your rights. Contact Amanda Hall Injury Law today.

Seeking Justice for Your Truck Accident Injuries in Marietta, Georgia

 If you’ve been injured in a Marietta, Georgia truck accident, you may have many questions. A qualified accident lawyer can help you map the next steps. There may be many stakeholders responsible for your accident in Marietta, Georgia—from the truck driver to the shipping company that owns the truck. Amanda Hall Injury Law understands the steps that must be taken to protect your rights. We will take the time to investigate your accident, understand your unique circumstances, and estimate the value of your claim. Every claim is unique. In some cases, truck companies violate local or federal law. In other instances, an accident was the result of a third party. Truck companies may also carry high-limit insurance policies. Your Marietta truck accident lawyer may need to negotiate with adjusters in addition to identifying companies and stakeholders involved.

You may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim. Truck companies may have lawyers on their side protecting their interests and bottom lines. You need a lawyer on your side to protect your rights. Visit Amanda Hall Injury Law, a truck accident lawyer in Marietta, Georgia today to learn more about your rights and the compensation you may be entitled to receive.