What Is Probable Cause When It Comes To DUI Stops?

A DUI is a serious court case that can have a considerable negative impact on our lives. DUI cases often hinge on the probable cause that law enforcement uses to pull individuals over. Experienced lawyers, like those at Amanda Hall Injury Law, can help you argue your case and even help get that probable cause thrown out.

Here’s how it works.

What is Probable Cause?

The concept of probable cause is very openly defined by its nature. The most basic definition of probable cause is that it occurs when a police officer as an indication that someone is either actively breaking the law or could be breaking the law.

The second part of this is what leaves it open to interpretation. There are a lot of things that could be breaking the law, but are perfectly legal. This is especially the case when it comes to examples of DUI probable cause.

Examples of DUI Probable Cause

There are a lot of different driving behaviors that could be indications of a DUI. These are typically focused on an individual’s control of their vehicle as well as breaking other laws while driving. You are with a few of the most common DUI probable causes.

  • Causing Traffic Accidents
  • Speeding
  • Driving Too Slow
  • Drifting Lanes
  • Sudden Swerves
  • Excessive Braking
  • Running Stop Signs or Lights

How a Lawyer Can Help Your DUI Case

An experienced lawyer, like the legal team at Amanda Hall Injury Law, can help you with your DUI Case. There are few big reasons why a lawyer can turn the tide of your legal situation.

It all comes down to what your DUI case looks like in front of a judge. It often comes down to the word of the individual being accused of a DUI against the word of law enforcement. Having an experienced legal team by your side is the best way to gain an advantage in this imbalanced situation.

Experienced lawyers can also help you navigate the complicated world of legal proceedings. They know how to handle everything from filing important paperwork to the most advantageous arguments and strategies for improving your odds in your DUI case.

So, how do you find the right legal representation?

How to Find the Right Legal Representation for Your Case

The right legal team for you is going to have years of experience handling the types of cases that you’re up against. This will give you an edge in the courtroom that you won’t be able to have when you’re on your own. You also want to find a legal team that has a track record of helping people like you win their cases.

Any reliable lawyer is going to have a section on their website, like Amanda Hall Injury Law, that outlines their legal experience and how they can help you with your DUI case.