According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2017, 3,166 people were killed in distracted driving accidents. These figures don’t account for the many more people who are injured, who then suffer the consequences of living with a disability, or who struggle to pay medical bills, or face challenges due to missed time from work, or not being able to be there for their families. In Georgia, it is illegal to hold your phone while driving. This means that answering your phone, texting and driving, or holding a phone to check a map or change music is against the law. Distracted driving takes many forms and it is just one way in which drivers divide their attention while behind the wheel. Distracted driving can also include eating while driving, putting on makeup while driving, talking to passengers, disciplining children, checking a map, or changing music on your phone or entertainment console. Anything that takes a person’s attention away from the road can be considered distracted driving.

If you or a loved one were hurt by a distracted driver in a car crash, you may be entitled to seek damages for your lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering damages. Amanda Hall Injury Law are Canton and Marietta, Georgia distracted driving lawyers who help victims and their families seek justice. Proving distracted driving can be challenging, but a lawyer may be able to help you. Contact our firm today to learn more and to take action for your losses and injuries. You may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim under the law.

What is Distracted Driving?

While texting and driving gets quite a bit of press, distracted driving can take on many forms. Anything that takes your eyes off the road, your hands off the steering wheel, and your mental attention away from driving can constitute distracted driving. This includes:

  • Visual Distractions. When drivers text and drive, answer their phones, make phone calls, change music on their music devices, check maps or put in directions into their navigation systems, look down to eat, apply makeup, read, or perform any other task that takes one’s eyes off the road, accidents can happen. In the time it takes to read one text message, a car traveling 55 miles per hour can travel the length of a football field. During this time, a person can cross the road, a car can cut you off, or any other host of things can take place that can result in a crash.
  • Physical Distractions. Anything that takes your hands off the steering wheel can also distract you from driving. Eating and driving, putting on makeup, putting directions into your map, or performing any manual task while driving is distracted driving.
  • Mental Distractions. Talking on the phone, talking to passengers, arguing with other people in your car or on the phone, disciplining children, or driving while emotional can all take your attention away from driving and pose a risk to others on the road.

Many accidents can be prevented by drivers making the simple choice to pay attention to the road. Unfortunately, too many drivers are distracted behind the wheel, and this can result in accidents. Amanda Hall Injury Law are personal injury lawyers in Canton and Marietta, Georgia who assist victims whose lives have been impacted by distracted drivers.

Proving Distracted Driving in Georgia

Distracted driving can be notoriously difficult to prove, especially if the driver at fault fails to admit to their wrongs. However, there are ways that your car accident lawyer in Georgia can prove your case. For example, your lawyer can see if the other driver interacted on social media before your crash. Text messages, call logs, and other evidence of the other driver on the internet could also be proof that the driver was distracted. Your attorney can also speak to witnesses to see if anyone saw that the other driver was distracted. Amanda Hall Injury Law are car accident attorneys in Canton and Marietta, Georgia who can help you if you believe your accident was caused by a distracted driver. Our firm can take the time to review your case, investigate the causes of your accident, and fight for your rights either inside or outside of court.

Seek Justice Today

You may only have a limited amount of time to make a distracted driving claim. Building a case can take some time and may require a thorough investigation on the part of your personal injury lawyer. If you have been hurt in a distracted driving accident in Canton or Marietta, Georgia, seek justice and protect your rights. Contact Amanda Hall Injury Law today. Our firm only gets paid if you win. We fight for car accident victims.

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