Autumn Road Hazards for Motorcyclists

KENNESAW, Georgia. Autumn is a wonderful time to take your motorcycle out for a fall foliage ride. The leaves are changing color, the hot weather is moving out, bringing in crisper days that make riding your motorcycle a joy. Yet, with autumn’s beautiful changes come unique road hazards. What are some things to keep in mind when riding in the autumn?

According to AARP, motorcycle riders should exercise extreme caution when riding through wet leaves. Leaves can hold moisture which can make the part of the road where they have fallen quite slick. Motorcycle riders are wise to slow down when encountering wet leaves.

As temperatures drop at night and warm up during the day, riders might also encounter roads going through freeze and thaw cycles. While it might sound a little too early to encounter icy roads, at higher elevations in particular, there may be a greater risk of ice on the road. Drive safely, check the weather, and exercise extreme precautions at dawn and at dusk, when temperatures can fluctuate rapidly. Other areas where you can encounter hidden frost patches is over railroad crossings, on covered bridges, or in areas where the road may not get as much sun. Another weather hazard that riders should consider is fog on the road. Cooler mornings can turn an area that might be usually clear, into a low visibility area. Areas that tend to see the most fog are roads by water, mountains, and roads that pass under trees.

Another thing that riders may not be aware of is the heightened presence of deer on rural roads during the fall. AARP notes that as fields are harvested, deer may have to move to new areas. Fall is also the deer’s breeding season, so they may be more motivated to cross roads. When riding in rural areas or past farmland, or past densely wooded areas, it is important to stay alert.

The changeable weather is another real risk, especially for motorcyclists. According to Esurance, a sunny fall day can turn into a rainy one in no time. Check the weather report before you go out.

Another hazard that autumn brings is back to school traffic. Traffic increases when school is back in session. Even rural areas might experience higher than normal traffic as school buses hit the road to pick up rural students. Riders should also look out for increased pedestrian traffic during the morning and afternoon hours because of this.

Riding your motorcycle in the autumn can be beautiful and fun, but brings with it its own unique hazards. Unfortunately, the greatest hazard of all for most motorcyclists are other drivers who are either distracted or who choose not to drive defensively when the weather turns. If you or a loved one was hurt in a motorcycle accident in Kennesaw, Georgia, you may want to speak to the motorcycle accident attorneys at Amanda Hall Injury Law. Our firm works closely with motorcycle riders to help them seek justice and a recovery after a crash. Visit our motorcycle accident lawyers in Kennesaw, Georgia at Amanda Hall Injury Law today for more information.

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