Don’t Let Unexpected Medical Bills Ruin You Financially

CANTON, Georgia. If you have been hurt in a car accident, bike accident, or pedestrian accident, you might find yourself facing sudden and unexpected medical bills. When patients are rushed to the emergency room after an accident, they often don’t have a say about which hospital they are admitted into. For patients who have insurance, being rushed to the wrong hospital can have immense financial consequences. If a hospital doesn’t take your insurance, you could find yourself facing what is known as a balance bill. A balance bill is a “surprise” bill that comes after your medical insurance pays a hospital what it believes is a fair price for services. When a hospital’s charges exceed what your insurance company deems a fair price, often the hospital will send you the balance. According to Vox, after a bike or car accident, some patients find themselves facing balance bills in the tens of thousands of dollars.

These bills can ruin patients financially. Fortunately, by knowing your rights and options, you can protect yourself from the high costs of these balance bills. According to the New York Times, contract law might protect you should you choose to take a balance bill to court. Under contract law, a person would theoretically only be on the hook for the fair market price of charges after receiving services, if services and higher charges were not agreed upon in advance. One way that you can fight balance bills is to find out what the hospital would charge Medicare or in-network insurance companies for the same services. Often, when balance bills are levied, this is because hospitals charge out-of-network patients far higher rates than they charge in-network insurers. Sometimes the cost of medical bills can be multiple times higher than expected. Being informed about the average cost of services and negotiating with billing departments can sometimes result in a reduction of your bill. When hospitals fail to negotiate, some patients have chosen to fight back by fighting high medical bills in court.

Another option patients have is to seek damages for negligence or neglect if another person’s actions resulted in a crash. You may be entitled to seek a settlement from your car insurance company or you may be able to seek damages from negligent parties either through a settlement or through litigation. Unexpected medical bills can be financially devastating, but if you or a loved one was hurt due to the neglectful actions of another person or party, you may be entitled to seek damages for these expenses and losses.

Amanda Hall Injury Law are personal injury attorneys in Canton, Georgia who work closely with victims and families who might be facing unexpected hospital bills after a car crash, bike accident, or pedestrian injury. Our firm can speak to hospital billing, speak to insurance adjusters, and fight negligent parties to help you get the compensation you may deserve under the law. 

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