Five Tips to Maximize Your Safety While Off-Roading

CANTON, Georgia. Off-roading can be fun, but without a paved road beneath your wheels, the risks can be higher. According to Gizmodo, when you’re riding in a 4-wheel drive vehicle, your car will send power to the tire that needs it the most, namely, the tire with the least traction. Normally, this is efficient, but when you’re off-roading, you might find yourself just spinning your wheels. So, when driving an off-road vehicle, it is important to consider obstacles and avoid mud patches that could still get you stuck. Here are five tips to keep you safe while off-roading.

  • Go slowly, but consider obstacles. As a general rule, you’ll want to move slowly when off-roading. But, if you find yourself facing a steep hill or a mud patch, you might need to speed up. Move as slowly as possible, and as safely as you can. Gain experience on roads where there is help nearby before traveling on to more remote roads.
  • Reduce tire pressure. According to Gizmodo, reducing your tire pressure can decrease the risk that your car will bounce if you hit an obstacle. Reducing your tire pressure also increases the grip your tire has on the uneven surface of the road. However, with reduced tire pressure, you’ll need to change your driving techniques. According to Popular Mechanics, if you feel your tire getting stuck, don’t hit the gas. Lower your pressure on the gas and turn your wheel back and forth to increase your tire’s grip. Finally, if you lower your tire pressure while off-roading, remember to re-inflate your tires again before you hit the pavement. Driving with low tire pressure on pavement can be risky.
  • Use the lowest possible gear. Remember, even if you have four-wheel drive this doesn’t mean that you are immune from getting stuck. Use the lowest possible gear your car has.
  • Know how to get yourself unstuck. Buy yourself towing gear, and a winch. Towing gear will help you if you get stuck and there are other drivers around. A winch can help you get unstuck if you are alone.
  • Know when to turn back. While your vehicle might be able to ford a stream, consider whether it’s a good idea. Stream depths can vary. If water gets into your engine, you can damage your car. Nothing ruins a good day more than a car accident or a stranded vehicle. Learn how to read the road and know when you’ve reached your limit and your car’s limit. Finally, watch out for other drivers. Even in the countryside, you should always drive defensively.

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